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The experience of visiting the Logistics Museum for our young visitors is highlighted by entertaining lectures and fun interactive games. The work shops are intended for kids between 7 and 9 years old. The duration of one workshop is 1 hour. Currently, it is possible to participate in the following programs:

Introduction to Logistics

This program will allow visitors to discover what exactly logistics is, how it came to be and the historical background of this fascinating field. Get to know the various types of cargo and transportation as well as the specialized equipment used in warehouses and at freight terminals. Follow the logistics chain from production to sales. Experience what it is like to work in a warehouse by trying your hand at scanning product barcodes. Watch a cartoon about ports as well as other interesting activities...


Logistics of the Leningrad Blockade

The Logistics of the Leningrad Blockade program is an extension of the previous program. Here, you can find out in detail just how logistics helped to save the lives of many Leningrad residents during our city’s hardest years. Become familiar with the symbols of the Road of Life – the “one-and-a-half-ton truck”. Discover what kinds of unconventional logistics solutions were implemented to supply the blockaded city with food and provisions and understand what role the Badaevskiy warehouses fires played for the city in the first days of the Great Patriotic War. Visitors will also get to watch a short film about the Leningrad blockade.


Maritime Container Transportation

This specialized program about sea container shipments will certainly make you view the regular maritime container – the most common type of cargo in the world – in a totally different way. Get a sneak peek 50 years into the past as well as 50 years into the future of container shipping. Learn when and who invented the container, what types of vessels transport containers, how and where containers are stored, and find out what exactly someone means when they mention terms like “transshipment” and “stuffing”. Become familiar with modern information systems that are used at container terminals. Observe a multimedia model of a container terminal and watch educational video clips about how a modern day, fully-automated container terminal operates.


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