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The project “Logistics – in Motion!” became a winner of the 12th annual “Changing Museum in a Changing World” contest for the “Museum start” nomination, organized by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Project news

September 12th 2016

As Temperatures Drop, What Will Keep Logistics Museum Visitors Warm?

The Golder Electronics company, the leader on the Russian market among appliance retail companies, donated 15 VITEK VT-1759 SR fan heaters to the Logistics Museum to heat the new building, which will be made out of sea containers within the scope of the “Logistics – in motion!” project.

April 5th 2016

Mediterranean Shipping Company and the Logistics Museum announce a partnership

MSC is partnering with the Logistics Museum, Russia’s first museum of its kind covering the entire distribution chain from production to the end consumer. The Saint Petersburg-based museum is working with MSC Russia as part of its “Logistics – in Motion!” project, which is designed to create the world’s first mobile theme museum this year using standard sea cargo containers.

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Project description

The project “Logistics – in Motion!” from the Logistics Museum intends to create the world first mobile theme museum in standard cargo containers. The cargo containers are a perfect fit to stow the Logistics Museum in particular. Containers are one of the main components of modern logistics – they share of the world’s cargo turnover exceeds 60%.

By placing the museum into containers, it is possible to transport it in its entirety to various cities and regions, giving it access to a larger audience and more visitors.

Right after arriving at a new location, the museum is ready to receive visitors – there is no need to set up the exposition as all of the exhibits are already at their proper locations. The museum does not have to find a special venue and pay rent. The only thing required is a small space, even on a finished floor or in an outdoor yard. The exhibits are safe since there is no need to loaded and unloaded during transport. The modularity allows configuring the museum accordingly and expanding the exposition step by step without significant investment.

The container building is not real estate – it does not require complex expertise procedures and authorizations. The project is innovative as it will be the first realization of such a concept in the world. Similar projects exist in Europe, though they do not offer mobility and are created as a cheaper construction alternative.

Currently, the Logistics Museum takes up a small space in Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping as the collection of logistics machinery is constantly expanded, including life-size models that can no longer fit in the allocated space. Thus, the museum is looking to move to a separate space to become accessible for all visitors.

Realization of the “Logistics – in motion!” project will enable the Logistics Museum to move to a new space and continue growing with the ability to expand its area by adding new container modules. The ability to transport the museum will make the museum more accessible to visitors across Russia, particularly in cities that do not have museums.

The project not only promotes family and cultural values by being accessible to all visitors, but also educates and helps young people to decide on their future careers.

Project timeline 01.10.2015 – 01.10.2016

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Containers – the project requires empty 40 foot High Cube containers

Funding – realization of the project requires significant funds to customize the containers’ interior and set up the new exposition

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