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The Logistics Museum along with the “Pro Mir” Career Center is giving young middle and high school students a chance to participate in interactive school trips to major logistics and manufacturing facilities. The school trips are oriented around the educational curriculum with focus on liberal arts, science and engineering.

By filing a trip request via the Logistics Museum, you will receive a discount of 5% from the cost of the trip. You can sign up for the trip by sending an email to the Logistics Museum or by calling (812) 944-90-09.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the following programs:

Seagate of Saint Petersburg

An information excursion, which includes visits to exclusive coastal zones, docks and the area of the “Seaport of Saint Petersburg”

Students will get a unique opportunity to visit the exclusive coastal territory of the Saint Petersburg port, a repair dock and a dispatch service. Children will become familiar with the history of the Russian fleet and the Saint Petersburg Port, the logistics principles and the economic activities of the port, and will get to hear first-hand accounts of what the port does and what it’s like to work there.

For details: go here and here.

Cargo of Kronshtadt Port

Informative excursion with a visit to the “Moby Dick” Ro-Ro complex

This excursion will give students the chance to become familiar with the stevedoring activities of a modern container terminal, which has a closed-off coastal zone as part of the “Moby Dick” terminal (city of Kronshtadt) and witness first-hand, how state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment and the dispatch service of the Kronshtadt port operate.


42 Minutes Underground Daily...

Informative excursion of the SUE “Petersburg Metro Service” (“Avtovo” or “Byborgskoe” train depot)

This excursion will give students a change to learn the history and the inner workings of the metro, visit a line dispatcher control room and the electric engine repair depot, examine how the escalator and the turnstiles operate, become familiar with the established guidelines for handling emergency situations in the metro, and with the diversity of professions available in the biggest transportation network of the city.

For details: go here and here.

At the Shipyard

Informative excursion with a visit to the manufacturing shops of the “Severnaya Verf” shipyard

The trip to the defense industry facility will give students a chance to see where ships are built along with warships in the coastal fitting-out zone as well as a chance to find out first-hand about what its takes to build ships from the shipbuilders themselves.

For details: go here and here.

Mighty Machines

Informative excursion with a visit to the “Arsenal” machine building plant

The trip will familiarize students with the history of machine building in Russia, the history of the founding and the development of the legendary “arsenal” plant, the economics of today’s machine building, and give them a chance to examine the stages of producing military and civil machinery, and visit metal workshops.


Tubes and Pipes

Informative excursion with a visit to the “ROSTR” Federal Pipe Company

During this excursion to Peterhof, children will learn about the history of pipe production and about the main advances in this field, become familiar with the entire cycle of plastic pipe production at a modern automated plant from the melting of plastic to the storage of finished goods at an open warehouse.

A Toy Created

Informative excursion with a visit to the “NordPlast” plastic toy factory

During this excursion, students will find out the history of toys in Russia and the world and the steps required in the production chain of plastic toys, the history of unique professions of today’s industry, become familiar with the manufacturing workshops at “NordPlast” and the process of manufacturing toys from plastic along with the chance to see the broad diversity of modern Russian toys.


Hooray for Scented Soap!

Informative excursion with a visit to the “Aist” household chemicals plant

During this excursion, students will discover many new things about the household chemicals industry, the history of making soap and detergent, become familiar with production by watching an educational movie as well as witness the manufacturing cycle at the soap-making shop first-hand, see the production of synthetic cleaning agents and the production of plastic containers.

Fresh-Baked Bread

Informative excursion with a visit to the “Darnitsa” First Bread Production Association

During this excursion, students will hear the history of bread and the bread baking industry, the history of the Levashovo bread production plant, stories about bread during the blockade, and about the composition and the nutritional values of bread. Students will become familiar with bakery production shops, conveyor systems along with the entire technological chain of bread and baked goods production, and with the taste of freshly-baked goods.

Prior to this excursion, we recommend trying your hand at baking pies at the virtual bakery.

Cake Break!

Informative excursion with a visit to the “SeverMetropol” Confectionary Association

During this excursion, students will become familiar with the history of the confectionary business, the technology used in producing confectionary goods, learn about the nutritional values of sweets and its effect on human health, view the entire production chain of cakes and pastries (dough mixing, baking, cutting, making the filling, crèmes, decoration), visit the refrigerated warehouse and have a tea break with the tasting of a huge cake.

Prior to the excursion, you can order several cakes at the virtual confectionary plant.

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