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This section contains interesting logistics-themed photographs. If you want to share any of your own photographs relating to logistics, send them to us via email.

Bridegroom Kong Qingyang and his bride Shen Likun sit on a forklift, which is transformed into a wedding car, during their wedding in Xingtai, Hebei province, China. Kong, a former forklift driver, met his bride Shen, who was a forklift seller, while buying a forklift from her.

Picture: REUTERS.
Source: The Telegraph

Zebras being transported in a 20-foot container from the Soysambu Conservancy in the Amboseli National Park, Kenya. The Kenyan authorities decided to transfer the animals due to a severe drought, which resulted in a sharp decline in the zebra and buffalo populations. The decrease in the amount of prey forced predators such as lions and tigers to attack livestock belonging to farmers and wander into farm territories adjacent to the park.

Picture: AFP/Getty.
Source: Animalpicture

Scattered maritime containers and loading equipment after the tsunami in the port of Sendai, Japan, March 2011.

Picture: Associated Press/Itsuo Inouye
Source: National Geographic

A very popular photo on the internet about breaking the safety rules during loading operations. Generally, forklifts are intended for horizontal transport and for lifting loads to a modest height. This photograph shows how workers are trying to overcome the fork height limit. A heavy-duty forklift is lifting another forklift, which itself is lifting a load.

Hyundai Heavy Industries. Work or Pleasure.

A photo collage from the Work or Pleasure advertising campaign held by Hyundai Heavy Industries. Forklift operators are playing checkers with gigantic black and white barrels placed on wooden pallets.

Source: Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe

Freight vehicles frequently make it difficult for other drivers to pass or switch lanes on the highway. The concept of the “Transparentius” continuous broadcast system, developed by the Art. Lebedev Studio, makes it possible to increase road transport safety. The system broadcasts a video signal from the camera that is mounted on the front side of the vehicle to the rear door panels, which enables the driver to evaluate the conditions in the blind spot prior to making a maneuver. “Transparentius” makes driving easy during the day and at night. See for yourself how various images will look on the front side of the semi-trailer by using the Design Your Truck feature from the “Multimedia” section.

Source: Art. Lebedev Studio

British-born, Andy Tyler took his souped-up supermarket cart for a spin reaching speeds of 50 mph. Taylor had fished out his cart from a river and spent 50 pounds for new wheels, brakes and steering wheel, while also installing jet engine, which he built himself using instructions he found on the internet. A heat-reflective screen was installed behind the pilot’s back to avoid burns from the engine that can reach a temperature of 600°C.

Source: The Sun

Pallet House – a house built out of wooden euro-pallets, – a  project designed by two students from the Institute of Vienna, Schnetzer Andreas Claus and Pils Gregor. The idea came about as a result of a 2008 architecture contest. Since then, these types of homes have been used as installations in several European cities as well as for their designated purpose in South Africa.

Source: ArchDaily

Air gliding drummers performing at the international CeMAT 2008 exhibition. The performers are floating above the stage, while attached to the spreader of a Hyster reachstacker. The model 1:50 scaled of this reachstacker can be seen in the Logistics Museum.

Source: KIIT

Photo collage vividly displaying the comparative dimensions curent biggest cruise liner in the world – Allure of the Seas (second Oasis class vessel) and the biggest cruise liner in the world at the time it was built, the Titanic (second Olympic class vessel), which sank after colliding with an iceberg on April 14th, 1912.

One of the ads for the anti-inflammatory medicine “Voltaren”for muscle and joint pain; The poster for the ad campaign under the slogan of “Because we do things we’re not build for” depicts a man as a forklift lifting a heavy box.

Propeller and rudder of the Pasha Bulker bulk carrier that was stranded after a storm on the Nobbis beach (Australia) on June 11, 2007. For some time, this vessel was the main attraction at the resort town.

Source: Fotopedia

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