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The given section contains a series of links to logistics computer games. Some of the games are located on third-party sites. The Logistics Museum is not responsible for the content of these websites, including the operability of links and the games themselves. We would be very grateful if you send us links to other logistics games, which have not been included in the given list.

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Dachser Global Player

Categories: transportation

Perhaps the most popular online logistics game from the Dachser forwarding company. In this game, by pressing and the arrows on the conveyor belt, the player must distribute cargo to various transport lines within a fixed amount of time. The color of the destination point must correspond to the color of the cargo shipment. Points are deducted if the colors do not match.

Dachser Global Player Reloaded

Categories: transportation

A more recent version of Dachser Global Player. It includes an improved conveyor belt system, a more challenging and interesting features as well as new game control functions.

Atlet Warehouse Mania

Categories: warehousing

The game is set at the warehouse. Boxes and crates are falling from the pallet rack. The aim of the game is to catch falling cargo with a forklift and place them onto wooden pallets.

Atlet Truck Rampage

Categories: warehousing

Goal of the game – lead the loading vehicle through the warehouse, collecting useful objects along the way while avoiding crates, boxes, containers, hand pallet trucks and other warehouse equipment.

Atlet Truck Rally

Categories: warehousing

In this game, it is possible, within a certain amount of time, to ride warehouse vehicles around the warehouse, on race track or a road. The player can choose from two types of forklifts and pallet transporters.

Warehouse Loading

Categories: warehousing

This game was donated to the Logistics Museum from Sterh Corporation. Fill in the color-highlighted section of the warehouse within the set time-period. Loads are moved with the help of the mouse and must be placed so that there is no space in between.

Shopping Day

Categories: warehousing

The main character by the name of Vzhik has been wandering around the Yandex.Market pages for so long that he ended up at the warehouse, which is filled with boxes and containers. With the help of a shopping cart, help Vzhik find his way back to the Yandex.Market.

Warehouse Worker

Categories: warehousing

In this game, the player must move crates and place them into assigned location in the warehouse. When moving, the crate only stops when it meets some type of barrier: a wall or another crate. The assigned crate locations are indicated by color-coded markers.

Lift Me Up

Categories: warehousing

Help Ivan the lift truck driver to quickly but accurately place the crates into the required locations. Remember, you will have to start over if you damage a crate with the truck or another crate.

Truck Loader

Categories: warehousing, auto transport

This includes a whole series of games, where it is necessary to load various sized crates into a truck using a magnetic pick-up tool by following specific vehicle loading instructions. Several versions of the game are available: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Categories: transportation, auto transport

This is a logical puzzle, in which you have to lay down the path for a truck. One must be careful and pay attention to road signs and make sure that the truck’s weight does not exceed the bridge weight limit. It is possible to win only if the player lays down the shortest route possible and the truck, which is loaded with sand, is able to cross all bridges.

Dump Truck

Categories: production, transportation, auto transport

In the Dump Truck game series you must load the rocks onto the dump truck and deliver them to their destination in a limited amount of time with minimum loss. Four game versions are available: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Categories: transportation, auto transport

It is not as easy as it seems to operator a truck tractor. In this series of games, you must park the truck into specific locations. Unlike many other games, the wheel of the truck must be turned back to its initial position after a turn. Be careful, do not crash and remember that some tasks have a timer! Three game versions are available: 1, 2, 3.

Sim Air Traffic

Categories: transportation, air transport

Test yourself by being an airport traffic controller. In this game, the player must avoid plane collisions by controlling their movement in the air and on the ground at the airport. For servicing an airplane, the player receives a money bonus. The game has five levels of difficulty – from a small one to a large international airport.

Sim Delivery

Categories: transportation, sales, delivering

The game’s main character is being sought by the police. He needs a job but no one is willing to hire him due to his criminal past. He decided to take a job as a courier – this job does not require official registration and pays in cash. The goal of the game is to acquire 25,000 dollars to fly to Mexico. For 100 dollars, the courier was able to buy a used scooter...

Super Manager

Categories: sales, shop

This is a fairly complex supermarket management game. The player must purchase goods for the supermarket, manage sales, stock shares and analyze statistical data.

Cargo Parking Jersey Shore

Categories: warehousing, transportation, marine transport, auto transport

The shore of New Jersey has always played an important role in the history of logistics. It was from this state that the first container vessel took off on its voyage in 1956. In this game you will experience three roles: as the captain of various commercial vessels, mooring them into specified locations, as a crane operator transferring containers from the vessel to the dock and, finally, as a truck driver who must delivery the cargo in a limited amount of time. Before starting the game, you must wait through 20 seconds of commercials from the game’s developer.

Train Traffic Control

Categories: transportation, railway transport

Try yourself as a railway dispatcher. In this game, you must regulate the flow of trains at a railway station by switching the traffic lights and the tracks in the right direction. Of course, you must avoid any collisions between trains. You will receive money for the amount of time a train spends at the station.


Categories: transportation, railway transport

In the past, switch men were often blamed for any mishaps and accidents that occurred on the railroad. There was even an ironic saying that “the switchman is always responsible.” But blame on a switch man is well deserved if trains collide, go the wrong way, or go off the tracks because of incorrect switching. It is fortunate that in this game you can simply start over in the event of an accident. Two versions are available: 1, 2.

LAX Shuttle Bus

Categories: transportation, air transport, auto transport

Driving a shuttle bus in the busy international airport of Los Angeles is not easy. In a limited amount of time, you must pick up the passengers from the airport terminal and drive them to the plane for boarding and then vice versa, pick up the passengers from the plane and drop them off at the terminal. Meanwhile, you must avoid any accidents and collide with other shuttle buses, utility trucks and airport buildings.

Airfield Mayhem

Categories: transportation, air transport

The disorder at the airport must be stopped! To do this, guide the airplanes along runways by their color, send the helicopters to the helipad and avoid collision between aircraft. Click and drag with the mouse to change the direction and trajectory of the aircraft.

Ñar Ñolor Ñollector

Categories: transportation, auto transport

In this game is about regulating the direction of traffic by switching the yellow arrows on the road and managing the traffic light so the cars pick up only those boxes which have their color.

Shopping Cart Hero

Categories: sales, shop

The brave, main-character of the game rides down the mountain and jumps off the ramp in a supermarket cart. The goal of the game is to maintain balance in the cart to avoid crashing and to travel the longest possible distance after landing. While airborne, you can perform tricks to earn additional money. Perhaps, the supermarket cart should be referred to as “air transport”? Three versions of the game are available: 1, 2, 3.

Mini Market Tycoon

Categories: sales, shop

It is very hard to survive in a highly-competitive environment for a small shop. You must constantly monitor your stock, order goods from suppliers, regulate prices, unload trucks, and clean the shop after careless customers. All of this must be done by one person – the owner of the small shop. To start, you must survive for “only” the first 100 days.

Market Wars

Categories: transportation, auto transport

To earn money, you must ride across the US in your truck. Will you be able to choose the best route and the most profitable cargo? Do not forget to fill up and repair your truck! All that you have is your bravery, wits, and your 18 wheeler!

Rush Rush Pizza

Categories: transportation, sales, delivering

Riding on a scooter, deliver the pizza to the destination before the timer runs out. Even though street traffic is fairly light, be careful and avoid colliding with other cars. If you have enough time, coins can be collected on the road. Do not forget to try the winter board version of this game – Rush Rush Santa.

Rush Rush Santa

Categories: transportation, sales, delivering

Santa Claus – the world’s most famous logistics specialist. In just a short amount of time, he must deliver presents to everyone across the globe! Try yourself as Santa Claus. Can you deliver presents to only the residents of a single street? Also, instead of reindeer, you are equipped with a motor scooter. In the summer, Santa Claus rides the same scooter to deliver pizza.

Traffic Command

Categories: transportation, auto transport

As you control the flow of traffic, the lights are constantly changing and you must avoid any collisions between cars. However, drivers will get road rage if you make them wait too long at the traffic light. This will have a negative impact on their health and will reduce their life! Three versions of the game are available: 1, 2, 3.

Traffic Policeman

Categories: transportation, auto transport

Perhaps traffic police is not directly related to the field of logistics but logistics is influenced by their actions. Try yourself at controlling the flow of traffic, guiding specific cars and managing intersections by controlling the traffic light. A summer and winter version of the game is available.

Easy Cruise

Categories: transportation, marine transport

Can people also be transported? Yes! The transportation of people is called passenger transportation and they are also a part of logistics. In the given time period, you must moor the cruise boat at the specified location in the port while avoiding collision with other boats in the harbor.

Ñargo Shipment New York

Categories: transportation, auto transport

Placing logistics facilities next to transport corridors is very useful even within the territory of a city, which in this case, is New York. This game graphically demonstrates the advantage of this approach. Place the warehouse along with other logistics facilities next to roads between points A and B to receive money. When playing the game, you will discover many interesting facts about New York.

Air Transporter

Categories: transportation, air transport

Large helicopters have many tasks – load cargo onto a truck, extinguish a forest fire, and help in the construction of buildings. Try yourself as a pilot of a helicopter, and you will realize that it is not easy. It is possible to control the helicopter with either the mouse or the keyboard.

Ship Loader

Categories: warehousing, transportation, marine transport

In this game you will learn many new things about stevedoring operations in the port and will get a change to be a crane operator by loading containers, general and ro-ro cargo into the hold of a vessel. Here, you will learn first hand about vessel stability since each cargo load will have its own weight and incorrect stowage may cause the vessel to sink. Some cargo is considered to be dangerous and they cannot be place next to each other in accordance with compatibility rules. Other loads cannot be turned over. Perform the loading operations carefully; otherwise the caption of the ship will become angry! If you are successful, you can receive the title of an honorary crane operator as well as other bonuses.

The Lorry Story

Categories: transportation, auto transport

As you are driving around in an old truck, you must deliver the cargo to its destination. You will receive money for each delivery. The road is very bumpy and the cargo might fall off. However, make sure that the minimum order amount which must be delivered is not less than the specified number of cargo items.

The Cake Factory

Categories: production

You are working at a confectionary, where you must make five various types of cake for an order. The recipe of each cake must be remembered in 10 seconds. Next, you will have to make the cake on an assembly line by selecting the right ingredients. Good luck!

Top Bun

Categories: production

Work at the bakery is in full swing. And the heat from the stoves, which are used to bake the top bun, is not the only reason for all the commotion. Within a certain amount of time, the main character in the game operating a loader must place the dough into the stove while adding spices and then take out the freshly bakes goods and load them onto an automobile. Try to keep up and make sure not to burn the buns!

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