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Would you like to find out just what is logistics? Discover interesting facts and get to know the history of this field? Or take a look inside actual logistics facilities? Then visit the Logistics Museum!

Kozhevennaya line, V.O., 30,
Saint Petersburg, 199106, Russia

The entrance to the museum is equipped with a ramp for visitors with disabilities

Opening times:
Daily from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Contact information:
Phone: +7 (812) 944-90-09
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Logistics Museum – the first of its kind museum in Russia, covering the entire distribution chain from production to the end consumer. The museum gives you the opportunity to become familiar with various practical logistics spheres: production, storage, processing and cargo transport. By visiting the Logistics Museum, our visitors become acquainted with the present state of modern day logistic as well as its trends and prospects for future development.

MODUL has become an Official Partner for the Logistics Museum

MODUL, on of the leading companies of the Russian transport and forwarding service market, has become an Official Partner for the Logistics Museum. In the context of the cooperation agreement the Logistics Museum will organize a number of events for company employees and their children. And thanks to support from Modul the exhibit of the museum will be further expanded.

OOCL Containership Panel Image Decorates The Logistics Museum

The OOCL company, one of the top ten major container operators in the worlds, donated a panel to the Logistics Museum with an image of its containership. The large-scale picture made out of wood with laser engraving displays a loaded containership with a capacity of 13,208 TEU. This gift is now decorating the section of the Logistics Museum dedicated to sea and container transport.

The Logistics Museum Needs your Support!

Logistics Museum attendants are asking for your support to continuously grow and develop the museum exhibition. The Logistics Museum is happy to accept anything that could be potentially displayed as an exhibit. Many logistics-themed objects, which may seem insignificant and irrelevant to our museum, might in fact be very interesting for our visitors.

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